Bill Kelly, Chief Executive Officer

Bill Kelly, co-founder of Bright Energy 101, is a professional engineer with 25-years’ experience working in energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy management. Bill has a mechanical engineering degree from Stanford University. Bill is passionate about protecting the environment and has dedicated his career towards ensuring environmental protection goes hand in glove with growing our economy and creating great jobs.

Bill’s mentors are his parents. His mother, Ruth Anne, was the owner of a small accounting firm in Maryland, dedicated to servings families, small businesses and non-profits. His father, Bill Sr., started and built an HVAC company in Delaware, which warmed hearts as well as homes. His parents’ companies survived and ultimately thrived because his parents truly cared for the people with whom they worked, employees and customers.



stelli munnis, chief operating officer

Stelli Munnis, co-founder of Bright Energy 101, has over 20 years’ experience growing companies, and has spent the past ten years advancing the clean energy economy. She is passionate about developing programs that advance energy sustainability and public health, and that strengthen communities. Stelli has a B.A. in economics from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. in psychology from Sofia University.

Stelli's mentors are the strong women in her life who helped raised her, including her Nicaraguan mother, grandmother, and aunts, as well as her paternal grandmother and aunt. It took a village (literally) and now Stelli is ‘‘paying it forward’’ by helping to scale Bright Energy 101. Stelli is also grateful to her father, a civil and environmental engineer who Stelli worked for while attending college, for teaching her the value of education and hard work.



Nathan Iltis, Energy Engineer

Nathan Iltis brings a deep understanding of the building sciences, energy engineering, and renewable energy technologies. Before joining Bright Energy 101, Nathan worked at the California Air Resources Board on clean transportation, and previously as a civil engineer in Colorado and Alaska. Nathan holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Montana State University, and an M.S. degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Nathan grew up with his family at an outdoor leadership camp in northern Wisconsin. His mentors are his parents, who taught him the value of treating the planet and people with care and compassion. His father dedicated much of his life to instilling leadership values in youth and creating inspiring environments for campers. His mother, a musician and healthcare professional, has always been his biggest advocate and supported him as he migrated West, pushing him to follow his dream to put more people in touch with the planet.