Energy Intelligence Software

School business officials and facilities managers are faced with increasing complexity in managing energy costs, especially as they implement investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and the electrification of vehicles and heating loads. Electric rates are changing significantly as the grid transitions to renewable resources, making it difficult to track budgets and savings. In addition, energy management software programs are often overly complicated, not user-friendly, and not designed for school districts to meet their particular needs and time-usage requirements. 

The BE101 Software greatly simplifies managing the district’s energy budget, tracking progress toward meeting environmental goals, and measuring the performance of energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RE), and clean electrification (CE) investments.

Simple and Easy to Use


Designed for

  • School Business Officials
  • School Administrators
  • Boards of Education
  • Facilities Directors & Energy Managers
  • Career Technology Education staff
  • STEM Teachers & Students

Insightful and Meaningful

  • Clear reporting and tracking of actual versus budget energy costs, displayed on monthly and annual basis
  • Includes natural gas and electric accounts
  • Financial performance provided at a district level, and a site by site basis
  • GHG emissions tracker driving to 80% reductions by 2030
  • Measurement and verification tools to track performance of EE, RE, and CE investments

Fun and Educational

  • Learning resources for students and teachers
  • Student section for sharing conservation ideas
  • Portal for interns to upload energy audits and energy conservation plans